welcome to your birth journey...                               we've been waiting for you...
You may be thinking about having a baby, be pregnant, or have friends and family who are expecting. So many new thoughts and feelings come up and you begin to wonder...what is this thing called birth all about?  How will it be for me?  What is my role? Once upon a time, ...long, long ago.... we were surrounded by a community of women who explained birth to us, eased our fears, supported us and our partners and in general, built our faith in the labor process.  Where is that community today?  Often, missing. We are disconnected from each other and cut off from the wisdom of our bodies...we are alone at our most vulnerable and potentially powerful moment. Total Labor Care (TLC) is a group of like minded doulas working together to provide education, guidance and when your time comes - emotional and physical support to you and your family.  We seek to reconnect you with your body's wisdom and the essential emotional support of a clan of women during pregnancy, labor and birth.  

Meet TLC Doulas in Person @ TBD :)
Join us at our next upcoming event - an opportunity to learn about all of the different resources and people available to you during this journey in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  We will look forward to hearing more about what you are wanting out of this experience. Come say "hi". 


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